[error]The Single Instance Store (SIS) component is not installed

Few days back I was trying to configure the Azure Backup for the system on which I have installed Exchange server 2016 installed on Windows server 2016. I thought Azure Backup will get installed smoothly, but faced an error ‘The Single Instance Store (SIS) Component is not installed’. I went through the error and done as per the instruction on the error.

The error says, I need to installed SIS to run get configure Data Protection Manager to run correctly and also provides the cmdlet.

start /wait dism.exe /online /enable-feature /featureName:SIS-Limited /quiet /norestart

I did all I could do to setup the Azure Backup Setup, but no I didn’t get succeed. At the same time when I tried to install it on Windows Server 2012 R2, it was butter….

Hence anyone thinking to get install and configure Azure Backup on Windows server 2016, wait for whileā€¦. Microsoft might be releasing another version of it to get compatible with WS 2016 very soon.

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