The MVP Challenge- Microsoft 365 Challenge

Month of May has been started with “THE MVP Challenge” on Three (3) category including Microsoft 365 Challenge. As my directions were on Microsoft 365, I was to choose it and explore to get new learning. it was awesome journey to finish 49 modules related to various Microsoft 365 Applications with wide range of knowledge on its features and configuration. Each module is designed precisely to give you complete knowledge on specific topic, a lot of interactive guides and videos explains a lot about it. And the whole challenge is started with Basics to the newbie going with inter-mediate knowledge to landing on Advance skills. A motion of turning “Caterpillar into Butterfly”. I would recommend everyone to go through this process of Learn, Unlearn and Relearn.

The challenge for Microsoft 365 is started with Basic about Microsoft 365. Sharing few of the course outline of docs on this blog.

Microsoft 365 Basics

  1. What is Microsoft 365?
  2. Manage your business with Microsoft 365
  3. Simplify device management with Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  4. Get More done and stay secure with Windows 10
  5. Harness business intelligence with Microsoft 365 analytics and reporting
  6. Identify licensing options available in Microsoft 365
  7. Describe support offering for Microsoft 365 services
  8. Describe the service life cycle in Microsoft 365

Security and Compliance

  1. Describe Microsoft Security and Compliance principles
  2. Describe the identity and access management capabilities of Microsoft 365
  3. Describe the threat protection capabilities of Microsoft 365
  4. Describe the cloud security capabilities of Microsoft 365
  5. Describe the information protection and governance capabilities of Microsoft 365
  6. Describe the compliance management capabilities in Microsoft
  7. Reduce risk and simply the discovery and audit process

Teams Skill sets

  1. Deploy Microsoft Teams clients
  2. Manage Microsoft Teams
  3. Prepare for a Teams deployment with Microsoft 365
  4. Manage apps, bots, and connectors in Microsoft Teams
  5. Manage meetings, conference, and events with Microsoft Teams
  6. Plan your teams meeting deployment
  7. Deployment meeting using teams

Hope this modules will help you to enhance your Micorsoft 365 Skills in much better way.

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