[Solved] There was a problem verifying the certificate from the server for SFB 2015

When you have a uniform environment of it’s a new fresh infrastructure, it’s always great to be the part of implementation team. But is we need to implement same thing on existing environment, sometime it might be your worst nightmare. Here I am sharing same experience of mine with SFB 2015. Even though every configuration was good on my side, I was getting an issue of ‘There was a Problem Verifying the certificate from the server for SFB 2015’ while sharing PowerPoint Presentation. Let me share my experience how did I solve this problem.


On my non-domain computer, whenever I tried to share a PowerPoint presentation using SFB 2015. It shows the issue “There was a problem verifying the certificate from the server. Please contact your support team.”


First of all, you need to make sure you do have installed and configured Office Online Server (OOS) on your environment. Because unlike, Lync 2010 both on Lync 2013 and SFB 2015 you need to have separate server for the feature of Presenting PowerPoint on Lync 2013 and SFB 2015. Second, check if this is running fine for the domain computers or not??? If not the issue might be with your server so need to validate it as below process.

Open Browser on your client computer on which you are having issue and try to open this link ‘https://<FQDN of OOS>/hosting/discovery/’ if there is no certificate issue on this page. Something else is wrong but if it showing error in certificate than you need to fix

your certificate first before proceeding ahead. Same for any non-domain machine, if you are facing such type of issue you first need to check if the certificate to the Office Online Server (OOS) is correctly installed in your machine or not. Or you need to make sure you do have correct certificate. To validate it, you can do it as of above methods.

You might see something like this.

So, if everything is right for the non-domain machine, it might be due some issue of Internet explorer Certificate revocation issue. When tried to uncheck it as on this snap… wow it worked. So, for non-domain machine I made the conclusion that ‘Check for server certificate revocation*’ is the issue. As in my environment there are no much non-domain machine. It is fine for me to do manually. but if you do have a lot of non-domain machine keep tuning I am coming back again with it.

I hope this was quick solution for non-domain computer…. But what if you do have same issue on domain computer… coming up soon with it 🙂


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