Unleash the Hidden power of Control Panel in Windows 7.

I have been playing with windows 7 when the pre-beta version of windows 7 had been released. I was so happy to see the different new feature on the windows 7 in respect to the older version of operating system, and performance was awesome…….I too was surprised to learn hidden control panel applets of windows 7 as well in Windows Vista. I didn’t knew it before until I read some article related to regedit  on windows7 and Windows Vista.Here sharing my experience on the hidden applets of the control panel in windows 7 and Windows Vista.

There are some hidden applet in the windows 7 and Windows Vista that are default hidden….don’t know why…but some of them are really useful the beginner and expert too. so Here I am providing the tutorial how to access these hidden applet of control panel.

  1. Get to RUN—> type REGEDIT and press Return…….(Ctrl+R gives the run window)
  2. Now go the this branch of the regedit…..HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionControl Paneldon’t load
  3. Here the Snapshot of that portion of the Window….just click on the don’t load and see the control panel entries on the ride-side of the pane. 
  4. Simple deleting the ‘don’t load’ key will revile all the hidden apps….but there are some apps that already exists on the control panel….and that might be appear double in your control panel…so I suggest you to try with deleting those apps those are not in your control panel. like









Those were the steps for reveling the hidden apps of control panel in Windows 7 and Windows Vista.it is easily adopted on the Windows vista….but in case of the Windows 7 you have to take a permission as security is upgraded then of vista….you can’t work on this key unless you get permission. Here is the procedure how to get the permission.

  • Right-click on the “don’t load” key and select “Permissions…“. 
  • It’ll open a dialog box, Click on “Advanced” button. 
  • It’ll open another dialog box, Go to “Owner” tab. 
  • Select your Username from the list and click on “Apply” button and then OK.
  • Again click on OK button in the first dialog box.
  • Now again right-click on the same key and select “Permissions…“.
  • Select your Username in the list and check the “Allow” option for “Full Control“.
  • Click on Apply button and then OK.

  Here the new Control Panel you see after your edit. Redmark shows the new apps that has been added

I think you guys will enjoy this trick….



NOTE:- Please make the backup of Registry whenever you make tweak on it.

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